Visco-supplementation with Injection Therapy

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Visco-supplementation with Injection Therapy

Injection therapy has an excellent benefit when delivered appropriately and in conjunction to other therapies. The normal injection is with a steroid and local anaesthetic, however, over the past 5-10 years, visco-supplementation is proving to be really effective in the management of mild to moderate arthritis, especially of the knee. Visco-supplementation is the injecting of Hyaloronic Acid (HA) which is a natural substance found within the normal fluid of synovial joints, such as the knee, shoulder and hip. as we age and with excessive wear and tear, the synovial fluid becomes thinner and this then reduces its ability to nourish the joint and cartilage. Hyaloronic acid is like putting new engine oil in a car. It buffs up the fluid to make it more viscous and improved joint nutrition and reduces inflammation. Conditions where Hyaluronic Acid could improve pain and function include: * Mild to moderate OA of the knee * Degeneration of patello-femoral joint * Tendon pan * Management of other joint pain including the shoulder and hip There are a number of brands of HA available including Ostenil plus and Durolane. We prefer Durolane at present as it appears to last longer, up to 12-18 months providing longer relief from pain. All injection therapy must be supported by appropriate rehabilitation plans. For further details please seek an assessment with our Chartered physiotherapist and Injection therapist, geoff Twinning to discuss your suitability

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