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All of our Clinician's who perform acupuncture as part of their treatment, hold a post graduate certificate in the speciality. They are registered with the Association of Acupuncture for Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) or hold a Dry Needling Certificate.

Dry Needling is another form of acupuncture used by some staff.  This is a less specific technique which reduces muscle spasm and tone. This, in turn, will help reduce pain.

Other benefits include:

  • Treatment for conditions like polymyalgia, fibromyalgia and arthritic pain
  • Reduces joint and tissue swelling
  • Decreases nerve pain when medication can be ineffective
  • Excellent in treating headaches
  • Stress and muscle tension reduction

Some patients can suffer with feeling tired after treatment or even feel a bit dizzy.  Your therapist will fully assess your suitability based on your past medical history  as well as a few specific screening questions, to make sure the treatment effect is comfortable and relaxing.

Caffeine can reduce the effect so bare this in mind before treatment, and do make sure you have eaten your normal meals as well.

Initial assessment:

45mins @ £50.00

Follow up treatment: 

30mins @ £42.00

Acupuncture Only treatment:

30 mins @ £24 (client treated and left to relax unsupervised)

You can now book this service online at our Stroud clinic

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Clients About Us

I've been very happy with the treatment and service received from Five Valleys Physio. I'd used the same physiotherapist near work in Bristol for years and was worried about changing. Having now done so, the reputation of Five Valleys Physio from friends is well deserved and I'll definitely be back when I break myself again!

Matt Hayman

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