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Post Operative Therapy Packages

We provide a full assessment of the individual's needs and goals with an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist. With hands on intervention, a supervised exercise programme and expert advice to aid your recovery. Buy six Physiotherapy sessions (including the assessment) and save 10%, or 10 session and save 15% off the usual price if paid for up front. We do a similar discount for our Homecare Package where we will see you at your own home. Ask for the Post-Operative Physiotherapy Package when booking to receive this great offer. We also provide other bespoke packages which can be discussed on an individual's own needs

The key to the success of any operation is firstly the skill of the surgeon and the actual procedure being undertaken.  The next crucial phase is your rehabilitation which is where many clients fail through inadequate guidance.  Each and every operation should be followed with an appropriate rehabilitation programme alongside any corrective therapy.  Most programmes can take a minimum of 6 weeks for a minor operation such as a joint arthroscopy, but more commonly, up to 12 weeks and beyond for a joint replacement or ligament reconstruction.

This may seem a long time, but it is about restoring the joint and surrounding soft tissues back to what is required for that area to function normally.  Now normal may be simply the function of walking up to an hour, being able to do stairs without issue, or be able to get on and off the floor.  On the other end of the spectrum it may be to return to recreational activities, or to a more advanced level of returning to elite sport.  Returning to any of these activities with an inadequate limb, muscle or joint will cause that area to become symptomatic again.

A good example is a total knee replacement.  Some on the NHS do not receive post operative Physiotherapy.  A year or two down the line, after the initial relief and return to function, the joint starts to swell and becomes uncomfortable again.  This can sometimes be down to an issue with the joint but in most cases it is down to poor strengthening and the joint becoming overloaded.

What to Expect:

  • A thorough assessment and baseline measurements
  • Receive any corrective manual therapy to restore soft tissue function and joint mobility
  • Start a graduated rehabilitation programme
  • Have regular reviews for any recovery strategies and isolating points of weakness

Post Operative Discounts (paid in advance) SAVING 10-15%

  1. 6 x Physiotherapy sessions paid in advance saves 10%
  2. 10 x Physiotherapy sessions paid in advance saves 15%
  3. 3 x Home visits by a Chartered Physiotherapist for £150
  4. Further packages available on a case specific basis

All packages are inclusive of our normal terms of practice, requiring 24 hours notification for any change or cancellation of an appointment.

You can now book this service online at our Stroud clinic

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I've been very happy with the treatment and service received from Five Valleys Physio. I'd used the same physiotherapist near work in Bristol for years and was worried about changing. Having now done so, the reputation of Five Valleys Physio from friends is well deserved and I'll definitely be back when I break myself again!

Matt Hayman

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