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Spinal Screening

Our Spinal Screening service can be the difference between just improving your symptoms or resolving your back pain with a full return to activity. We run a 6 exercise screening tool which provides a base line level and can highlight subtle weaknesses causing ongoing back issues.

Spinal Screening:

This is where we make you undertake a series of static exercises, which are timed to form baseline measurements compared to an expected level.  These exercises can highlight significant weakness both with static strength and dynamic control.

Ever had treatment for a back problem and it just never quite got better?....... then this is why!  Addressing segmental weaknesses is vital to restore spinal health and allowing ongoing relief from back pain.  You may be sedentary or even an athlete, but our approach simply looks at the spine and its ability to cope with the stresses you apply to it.

This can be done by your therapist as part of your treatment plan, or performed by one of our Strength and Conditioning Staff as an outright test.

Spinal Screening:

£40 to include a plan for strengthening

Or performed as part of your ongoing treatment at no further cost

You can now book this service online at our Stroud clinic

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I've been very happy with the treatment and service received from Five Valleys Physio. I'd used the same physiotherapist near work in Bristol for years and was worried about changing. Having now done so, the reputation of Five Valleys Physio from friends is well deserved and I'll definitely be back when I break myself again!

Matt Hayman

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