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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning coaches also help athletes with injury prevention and proper bio mechanical screening within their sports performances.

Strength and conditioning coaches have two primary goals

  • Improve performance: improve speed, strength and power through teaching proper lifting techniques, supervising, motivating and assessing before and after the programme.
  • Reduce injuries: Design regimes to strengthen body parts prone to injury in particular sports.

Effectiveness of strength and conditioning coaches

Research has demonstrated that not only does training improve performance but that incorrect training (distance running, a slow-twitch muscle fibre activity, in football athletes with fast-twitch characteristics) can cause decrements to performance. Using techniques such as plyometrics in some high-power athletes and sports-specific movements in others, strength coaches may improve physical function and athletic performance.

Your strength & conditioning coach will undertake a comprehensive needs analysis for both the sport and the individual performer. This allows for full planning and implemented periodised training programmes designed to elicit specific physiological adaptations, such as improving athletic performance or addressing areas of weakness or potential injury.

In Summary, a structured strength and conditioning programme can

  • Prepare your body’s ability to utilise its energy systems effectively
  • Increase your strength, speed and power
  • Increase muscle mass (if needed)
  • Increase flexibility, mobility and stability
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Restore correct movement patterns
  • Minimise injury risk
  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve sports performance

Initial Assessment

1 hr – £50.00

Your S&C coach will undertake a comprehensive needs analysis for both the sport and the individual performer. This allows for full planning and implemented periodised training program. This program is design to elicit specific physiological adaptions such as improving athletic performance and addressing areas of weakness or potential injury

Follow up

45 mins – £42.00

Subsequent sessions will follow in order to monitor progression and regression needs. Furthermore, exercises are given to take away and continue throughout the week once competent abilities follow.

Membership in the rehabilitation suite may be recommended (£25/mth). 

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