5 Valleys Physio


Our 5 Valleys sports injury and physiotherapy team are extremely professional and
cover a wide variety of expertise ensuring your requirements can be met.

Geoff Twinning, Senior Clinical Director

Geoff Twinning

Chartered Physiotherapist
Senior Clinical Director
Gemma Singleton, Chartered Physiotherapist, Clinical Director

Gemma Singleton

Chartered Physiotherapist, Clinical Director
Jennie Batten,

Jennie Batten

Sports therapist
Daniel Elias,

Daniel Elias

Chartered Physiotherapist
Luke Stevens,

Luke Stevens

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Phil Burton,

Phil Burton

Chartered Physiotherapist
Bruce Dowling,

Bruce Dowling

Sports Therapist and Soft Tissue Expert
Ellen Goldsmith,

Ellen Goldsmith

Chartered Physiotherapist
Fiona McCrae,

Fiona McCrae

Chartered Physiotherapist