Adam Stokes

Chartered Physiotherapist

Adam joins the team as a new physiotherapy graduate following 15 years with the Royal Marines. He has redirected his determination, resilience and discipline into his new career with 5 Valleys Physio and brings the latest in evidence-based practice to optimise and personalise patient care to suit your individual needs.

One amazing trait is Adam's underestimations of his ability.  As keen distance runner in his spare time, Adam has represented the UK ARMED FORCES and England Master’s Athletics teams on numerous occasions over several years: the highlights so far being a fine 2nd place finish in the Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC; a 2.25.00 personal best at the Valencia Marathon; and the world record for fastest 5k with a sausage dog at Tetbury Parkrun!  So yes Adam can run..... FAST!!

Always looking to broaden his skillset, Adam gained a qualification in sports massage therapy whilst in service, gaining vital experience in soft tissue treatment and allowing him to deploy as both a competing athlete and as a key team enabler, ensuring his comrades reached their start-lines fighting fit. This unique blend of experience gives Adam an excellent understanding of the nuances of assessing and treating sports people and tactical athletes, as well as those looking to reduce their pain and improve their daily quality of life.