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Injection Therapy: Corticosteroid and Hyaluronic Acid Available

Injection Therapy can be an excellent treatment tool in the right circumstances. It can be used for a host of conditions from peripheral joint pain to tendon issues. It is only ever offered once our clinical team have thoroughly assessed you, and where conservative treatment may not be having the desired effect. Primarily for acute pain, it also has other benefits such as reducing swelling, stripping away scar tissue as well as lubrication of joints that have seen better days. We also offer DUROLANE which is a brand name of Hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a visco-supplement that is a natural product found in synovial joints. Synovial joints are filled with synovial fluid, and it is this that thins with age and joint degeneration, causing more friction and often a stiff and sore joint. Durolane is a single injection which has been shown to reduce joint pain and stiffness in degenerative knees for up to 12 to 18 months.

**************************** AN INJECTION ASSESSMENT IS REQUIRED BEFORE ANY PROCEDURE**************************************

An injection may require the use of Ultrasound Imagery as a guided technique.  This guarantees the location of the injection delivery making it more effective in some cases.

Local corticosteroid (steroid) injections are a fast and effective way to reduce pain and swelling.  Like any medication, the effects can be temporary but it provides a window of opportunity to rehabilitate the area more effectively.  There can be side effects as with any medication but we will attempt to answer any concerns with the information below:  A local anaesthetic is also used to make the injection more comfortable as the steroid begins to work.

How do we use Steroid Injections and what are they?

Some corticosteroids are naturally occurring  in the human body and man-made (synthesized) steroids act like some natural steroids to reduce pain and inflammation. These are not the same as those who use steroids to build muscle or for performance. Steroids can be taken as tablets or administered as an injection. By injecting a tissue, we can provide a much more precise and accurate delivery of the steroid to the target space.

Rheumatology Specialists often use steroids to treat inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, however, they can also be effective in the management of degenerative joint disease such as Osteoarthritis. 

Different steroid have varied lengths of activity, some work very fast but have a very short period of relief, whereas others, may take 5 days to begin to work but may last up to 3 months.  Injections can be repeated if indicated also but there is a limit as excessive steroid to a particular area can cause degeneration of the site.

We will always discuss any risks and rewards to any injection to ensure your health and potential to break the pain cycle.  The short term and long term effects are always considered to ensure your injury management is gold standard.

Ultrasound Guided Corticosteroid Injection                        £185

Durolane visco-supplement injection:                                 £240

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