The Tennis Elbow Masquerade!

How many of you 'THINK' you have Tennis Elbow?...... Find out the facts!

Tennis elbow blog Callum

We interviewed Calum about his thoughts on ‘Tennis Elbow’
and here are his thoughts:

Often when experiencing pain on the outside of your elbow, you
hear the blanket term “oh you must have tennis elbow”. After a
quick Dr Google search, you have come to a self-diagnosis that
it must be, or Lateral Epicondylitis.

However, all might not be as it seems. What is often diagnosed as Tennis Elbow is also likely
to be caused by radial nerve pain, or Radial Tunnel Syndrome. Either from forearm overuse
or irritation from its origin at the neck, the nerve pain experienced can be debilitating causing
consistent pain and making day to day tasks exceedingly difficult.

At 5 Valleys Physio, we have the expertise, experience, testing, and industry leading
equipment to accurately diagnose & treat such conditions. Moreover, we aim to improve your
pain and function so you will be able to achieve your health and performance goals.
Using umbrella terminology in the absence of accuracy is the difference between getting a
patient out of pain or making no change at all

If there is ever doubt then we use our in-house diagnostic ultrasound expert to scan the
tendons of the elbow to confirm or negate the pain source.

Calum Linklater-Jones, BSc (hons), MSc, MSST
Graduate Sports Therapist | 5 Valleys Physio

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