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Pilates has been diluted over the years by modifying its principle within gyms. The classes are very clinical with care taken to ensure each and every participant undertakes the correct technique. Each client also attends a pre-class screening session to ensure they understand the principles and can engage the correct muscles.

We offer classes or one on one sessions in our excellent and fully furnished studio.


Taught by Gemma Singleton, Rhianon Stidever and Dan Fivey, Modified Pilates is tailored to training core stability as well as increasing flexibility, endurance, strength and promoting postural and body awareness. It is proven to help alleviate chronic back pain and neck pain and is also a good stress reliever.

Each of the traditional exercises are broken down into levels to allow a steady and gradual progression towards correct movement patterns and encourage carry over into the normal activities of daily living.

Pilates classes and 1-2-1 sessions:

We offer both classes and 1-2-1 sessions based on your personal situation and preference.

A 1-2-1 first assessment is always required before attending your first class with us. We provide you with the basic steps and exercise that are crucial to master, as well as explaining how and why Pilates is so successful in transforming your body. After completion of this session and with your aims and goals outlined we can then decide which class would suit you best.

Try it now and experience the great results for yourself. You wont look back!


Single class – £10
Assessment 1-2-1 – 30 mins – £25.00
Session 1-2-1 – 30 mins – £36.00
Session 1-2-1 – 1hr – £46.00

It is important that you wear comfortable clothes that you can move well in.

You can now book this service online at our Stroud clinic

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I've been very happy with the treatment and service received from Five Valleys Physio. I'd used the same physiotherapist near work in Bristol for years and was worried about changing. Having now done so, the reputation of Five Valleys Physio from friends is well deserved and I'll definitely be back when I break myself again!

Matt Hayman

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